Get More out of your Office 365
Real value of Office 365 lies in using SharePoint Online (a component of Office365 that you already have in your subscription) , which gets you the ability to improve internal collaboration and business process automation. Most businesses who have moved to Office 365, have not got the full business productivity value because they do not use the full capabilities. Moving to Office 365 generally means that you must be able to move your emails to cloud as well as some office capabilities. You may also use it for sharing documents or simple team collaboration. Adapt Software provides training to help you understand all these important features and enable you to achieve this goal. Our various training modules designed for business users and key IT users are designed to help everyone to get more out of your ongoing O365 investments in the shortest possible time.
Collaborative features of O365 that you must learn
Document Management
Motivate your users on working and sharing documents online, setup document permissions or manage multiple document versions in different file formats. Promote transparency via document policies that offer a complete storage and archiving solution. Explore the possibilities of secure and powerful information exchange under document management.
Blend your social experience with SharePoint Community tools, which intends to foster open communication at your disposal. Manage memberships, conversation threads and allow non-members of your community applaud your thoughts. Setup a reward system by assigning badges to members who contribute to your community.
Document Sets
Create document templates and save them as a set. SharePoint Document Sets provides a structure that organizes multiple related documents into a single view where they users can work and manage as a single entity. Explore Document Set tools to replicate and manage documents for your custom made business document templates.
Collect information with interactive forms and customize their appearance to improve user experience. Use SharePoint Forms to inherit scripts to enrich user experience to support customization. SharePoint Form tools will help to reach your customers and their opinions. Investigate the power of customized information gathering with SharePoint Forms.
Social Collaboration
Engage in better collaboration with SharePoint Social Collaboration tools to improve and promote open communication among users. Monitor your site users or display an organization hierarchy. Let site users leave a note for you or track your personal tasks. Business outreach accelerates with SharePoint Social Collaborations.
Experience the all new SharePoint Blogs which makes it so convenient to manage your blog site. Access your old thoughts using Blog Archives or let your peers know what you think using alerts. Setup notifications and managing your blogs has never been so exciting with the inbuilt blog tools. Walkthrough with SharePoint Blogs and share your ideas on the go.
Media & Content
Enrich the user experience of your site with Media and Content tools. Take your time to display a picture slideshow or import a webpage on your site which means something to your users. Embed videos and pictures to make your site appeal to the world. Explore the power of SharePoint Media and Content tool and bring your site to life.
Search Driven Content
Customize the power of search with SharePoint Search Driven Content tools that let your users filter and reach the information they want. Search videos, pictures, relevant documents, popular and recommended items, and site pages that derive through your site contents. Searching upgrades to a whole new level with SharePoint Search Driven Content Tools.
Training Modules
Basic Level

Three days of training enables you to understand O365 apps, SharePoint Online, SharePoint webparts, SharePoint Sites and DMS. This includes hands-on practice sessions for using these features.
Advanced Level

Five days of training enabling you to implement all these out of the box features and build your intranet with all collaborative features in simple steps without any coding. This includes one day of Admin webinar as well.
Training Content

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