About Office365 Productivity Training

Real value of Office 365 lies in using SharePoint that you already have in your Office365 subscription. SharePoint gets you the ability to improve internal collaboration and business process automation. Most businesses, who have moved to Office 365, do not have the full business productivity value because they do not use the full capabilities of Office365. You may also use it for sharing documents or simple team collaboration. Adapt Software provides training to help you understand all these important features and enable you to achieve this goal. Our various training modules designed for business are focused on helping everyone to get more out of your ongoing Offoce365 investments in the shortest possible time.

We, at Adapt, are committed to empower you to best utilize Office365 features and Apps. We understand that rapid pace of technology updates may be creating some challenges for you and your team. You might be struggling from using office 365 effectively.

If you are not using Office365 beyond MS Office, E-mails, Skype for Business or trying to figure out how productivity apps within SharePoint in Office365 work, you are underutilizing the power of Office365. You must be paying lot of monthly fee to Microsoft and still not leveraging its full potential.

Adapt specializes in SharePoint and Office365 trainings and development. We help you learn all the collaborative features of Office 365 such as :

Training Objective
Main objective of this training is to enable business users to understand what exactly Office365 offers and how to use these features. Depending upon the maturity of the business users and their existing knowledge on Office365, this training with focus on following
  • Showcasing all productivity features
  • Explaining each and every function
  • Practice session for users
  • Relating each function with their day to day work
Training Programs

Office365 Collaboration features (using SharePoint)


  • Discover SharePoint Online
  • Create Site - Team site & Communication site
  • List and Libraries
  • Discover SharePoint Online
  • Document Management Features
  • Search

App Part

  • Announcements
  • Calendar
  • Survey
  • Task
  • Search
  • Picture Library
  • Promoted Links
  • Discussion Board

Web Part

  • Relevant Documents
  • Project Summary
  • Blogs
  • Community
  • Document Sets
  • Filters
  • Image Viewer
  • Page Viewer
  • Picture library Slideshow
  • Organization Browser

Out of the Box Intranet using Office365

This training will explain all intranet features and help customer to understand and configure their own Intranet using Out of the box intranet features of Office365 with following contents:

  • Announcements
  • Image Slider
  • Social Collaboration
  • Company Events
  • Project Sites
  • Discussion Board
  • Departmental Sites
  • Media Gallery

Apps (Office365)

This training will include other Apps which are not based on SharePoint but are very important for collaboration


  • Introduction to Delve
  • Manage Profile
  • Create Boards
  • Storing and Sharing Documents
  • Discover people around you
  • Search

Microsoft Teams

  • Interface and Setting
  • Creating and Managing teams & channels
  • Sending, Receiving, Editing and Deleting messages
  • Private Chat
  • Scheduling a meeting
  • Sharing files
  • Customizing channel tabs
  • Using bots to add extra functionality
  • Administrator settings
  • Using the mobile app for iOS and Android

Microsoft Planner

  • Touring the interface
  • Plans, Team, Scheduler
  • Creating and Assigning Task
  • My Task Dashboard
  • Groups in Outlook

SharePoint Online Admin Training (Office365)

This course will introduce the audience to SharePoint Online Administration in Office 365 and explain and demonstrate the configuration options for SharePoint Online. The course is appropriate for existing SharePoint on-premises administrators and new administrators to Office 365 who need to understand how to correctly setup SharePoint Online for their company. The course will also help SharePoint on premise administrators understand the differences between SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online

Expected Outcome of this training:

  • Understand the architecture of SharePoint Online
  • Have knowledge of all the components in SharePoint Online
  • Have on hands on experience configuring the components of SharePoint Online
  • Have hands on experience configuring the options
  • Work with Site Collections and storage options
  • Manage user profiles and social profiling
  • Understand and configure data connectivity in SharePoint Online
  • Build a taxonomy structure
  • Understand and configure Search in SharePoint Online
  • Configure and deploy apps
  • Understand and define Enterprise content management and data loss prevention.
Training Options
Customer can opt for Online training sessions or Onsite trainings depending upon their requirements.
Online Training
Incase of Online Trainings, customer will have an option to restrict daily training to 4 hours and schedule these sessions as per their choice. It allows splitting a day session into two half day sessions that customer has to complete within 60 days of signup.
Onsite Training
Incase of Onsite training, this option of splitting sessions in half day is not available. Onsite trainings would run continuously for the sign up training days.
Difference between online and onsite trainings is Cost and Flexibility

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