Videos: How GO-Global Works

GO-Global is the easy cloud application delivery solution. It delivers Windows, UNIX and Linux applications across the network for access by remote clients and mobile devices. GO-Global Host runs on a central computer along with the published application(s). Each user runs a GO-Global Client (native client or browser plug-in). For larger deployments, GO-Global Cloud provides a secure, high-availability gateway, allowing administrators to monitor and manage clusters of GO-Global Hosts.

How GO-Global Works
View an interactive Flash video showing how GO-Global delivers applications across the network. 5:45
Client Access to Apps
See how easy a user can download a GO-Global Client and run a Web-enabled application. 3:17
GO-Global Cloud
Take a video tour of our new GO-Global Cloud, providing a secure, private cloud solution. 4:43
hopTo Max Support
GO-Global 5.0.1 supports hopTo MAX. hopTo MAX delivers a Mobile App eXperience for GO-Global. This innovative new offering from hopTo touch-enables existing Windows applications designed for a mouse and keyboard.




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