The business climate has changed. People expect to be productive across networks and devices, while boundaries between business units and roles have blurred. Moving forward, people want to communicate without collaborative barriers.
For businesses, you want your collaboration, communication, and productivity solutions to be both cost-effective and flexible. SharePoint Server 2019 is designed to help you achieve new levels of reliability and performance, delivering features and capabilities that simplify administration, protect communications and information, and empower your users to work across devices and screens.

SharePoint Server 2019 is the next-generation server product, building on the solid foundation delivered with SharePoint Server 2016 and investments in Microsoft Office365 to:

» Enable productive experiences across desktop and mobile
» Provide a scalable and flexible collaboration and    communications platform
» Increase productivity with an intuitive user experience
SharePoint is preferred by businesses who need an adaptable solution that delivers rich and productive experiences. As with SharePoint Server 2016, SharePoint Server 2019 has been designed, developed, and tested with the Microsoft Software as a Service (SaaS) strategy, building on Office 365 as its core. Drawing extensively from the success of SharePoint Online, SharePoint Server 2019 offers new and improved deployment options:

» A traditional on-premises deployment
» A hosted service with Office 365 sites powered by SharePoint    Online
» Deployment in Microsoft Azure Infrastructure as a Service    (IaaS)
» A mix of these options with a hybrid approach

You can choose how and when you take advantage of on-premises or cloud-based solutions, all while benefitting from a consistent and familiar user experience.

Share and work together

These days, successful interactions with technology are defined by more than “look and feel.” Great experiences are visually captivating and work flawlessly. They entertain and engage with rich, contextual, and relevant content. They ensure reliability, performance, and security under realworld pressures of scale and complexity. Plus, they're easy  to use.

and engage

Across your business exist valuable ideas and information. SharePoint Server 2019 helps bring these ideas and the people responsible for them together for greater impact. As a core part of your collaboration and communications strategy, SharePoint Server 2019 provides content management and collaboration capabilities that seamlessly integrate with the other applications people use every day to create and co-author documents, meet and work with their teams, brainstorm, analyze, and make decisions. When choosing an Office 365 hybrid solution, you can also integrate SharePoint Server 2019 with powerful cross-suite capabilities such as OneDrive for Business, Office Graph, and additional governance controls for security, privacy,  and compliance.

Transform business processes

Achieving digital transformation and delivering business value requires new tools and techniques for reinventing business processes. No-code and low-code applications have long been essential to the success of SharePoint, and SharePoint Server 2019 takes the next steps with new capabilities for building robust business solutions. These capabilities range from enhanced list and library experiences to improved support of Microsoft Flow, Microsoft PowerApps, and more.


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