Competitive analysis
Features and Function GraphOn Microsoft Citrix
Application Publishing      
Windows applications Yes Yes Yes
UNIX applications Yes No Yes
Linux applications Yes No No
Client Support      
Windows client Yes Yes Yes
UNIX client Yes No Yes
Linux client Yes No** Yes
Mac OS X client Yes No** Yes
Mobile client Yes* Yes Yes
Ease of Use and Efficiency      
Install, configure, and deploy in less than one day Yes No No
Low server memory and CPU usage Yes Yes Yes
Reduced configuration and management overhead Yes No No
Automatic bandwidth optimization Yes No No
Solution Focus      
Application-centric solution (robust, fast, simple, affordable Yes No No
Non-restrictive deployment model Yes No No
Reduced infrastructure requirements Yes No No
Client Security      
Supports 56-bit DES to 168-bit 3DES or 256-bit AES SSL encryption Yes No Yes
Supports 128-bit or lower RC4 SSL encryption Yes Yes Yes
Network Optimized      
Efficient in low bandwidth environments Yes No Yes
Simplified Licensing Model      
Unrestricted concurrent licensing Yes No No
Reduced complexity Yes No No
Eliminates need for Microsoft RDS Yes No No
Customization Options      
Private label option to retain application branding Yes No No
Server and client software development kits (SDKs) Yes No Yes
Product bundling Yes No No
Web APIs to enable Web application integration Yes* No No



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