1. Project Tracking
  2. Task Management
  3. Risk Management
Project Management System is designed with highest level of functionality and simplicity that helps you to execute your projects by involving stakeholders at every level. Unlike other project management software, PMS by Adapt can be implemented and learnt within few days. It is easy to use and needs very less training time for your field force to be up and running improving immediately. It helps you to manage your projects within defined budgets.

Project Execution
Plans, creates, organizes and monitors projects with precision. Allocates tasks to the project team and tracks their progress on the Gantt chart. PMS by Adapt allows you to manage all project related documents centrally and allows you to collaborate with the team members easily. Sharing of documents can be done with both, internal user or external users such as vendors or associates. This system also allows you to track resource utilization and gives you complete visibility and control on resource deployment.
Milestone Tracking
You can break the project into smaller projects and treat them as milestones. You can then create tasks under each milestone and assign these tasks to your project teams. Get real time updates by tracking the project, milestones and tasks. Team members can raise dependencies against their tasks thus raising an alert incase overall project is likely to be delayed.
Project Calendar
Most of the companies these days work across various geographies. Adapt PMS is built to cater to the teams working in multi-location and multi time zones. You can define separate working calendars for each location along with their respective work timings and holidays. This helps project owners to plan their tasks and timelines with a greater visibility into the team´s availability.

Task Management
Assigning tasks to team members that allows every team member to track his pending tasks, deadlines, percentage of completion against each task. One can flag dependencies against each task so that other stakeholders can take an actions and remove dependencies. Once can identify high risk tasks due to which project is likely to get delayed.

Project Dashboard
Dashboards and reports those can give complete visibility into the project, sub projects and tasks such as Gantt Charts, project completion status etc. in user friendly visual diagrams.

Time Sheets
Track the resource activities on a daily basis and also the time that is being spent on completing the task. The time sheets would help in calculating the total effort put on a particular task or a milestone or towards a project. Time sheets can be approved by the project manager and forwarded to accounts department. Productivity of the resources can be monitored with the help of time sheet module.

Risk Management
One can report risks, so that the project manager gets a visibility into those risks. This helps project manager to create a risk mitigation plan.

System Requirement
Microsoft SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint Online (Office 365), SharePoint Foundation Server.


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