1. Social Connect On-The-Go
  2. Aligned Collaboration
  3. Quick Deployement
Humans are inherently collaborative, we have been evolved to work in teams and share the purpose. Organizations are naturally social places, where co-workers interact on daily basis through emails, in person, on phones, in conference rooms etc. Growing organizations need a platform to stay on same page, collaborate in a better way. An effective intranet facilitates rather than impose this collaboration. An effective intranet helps organizations reflect their culture and structure, while satisfying the needs of their people at work.
SharePoint Intranet by Adapt is one go-to-place for all your business information needs.

65% Better Collaboration
Microsoft SharePoint Intranet provides 65% better collaboration than other players in the market, and it always gets better to suit dynamic complex environment of your business.
Intranet On-The-Go
Accessible on all Mobiles
Today jobs are more flexible and also goes beyond 9 to 5 working. People are travelling across the world, working at different time zones, therefore mobile-enabled intranets have become mission critical. Adapt Mobile Intranet enables you to never miss a notification, no matter where you are.
Departmental Sites
Departments can stay on same page by sharing documents, thoughts, pictures etc. This is most suitable option for new joiners because they never miss out on anything.