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Leave Management System by Adapt is a Microsoft SharePoint based solution to manage employee leaves and daily attendance. The system allows you to map company's leave policy and can be integrated with your existing attendance system such as, a biometric attendance. Right from leave application to approval, overtime or leave adjustments; LMS by Adapt has been designed to accommodate most of the leaves policies and processes. Ideally from small companies to large enterprises having operations in multiple countries and different leave policies for every country, our feature rich application is designed to eliminate all manual efforts in managing your company leaves thus giving more visibility of HR department and making entire process more transparent.

Managing Leave policy
Define your leave policy within the system itself. Multiple calendars of a company can be maintained which can have different working days and holidays to manage companies which are present across the geographies and catering to different time zones. The organization can mark optional holidays to let the employee choose from the list provided and can also mark important days, where leaves cannot be taken, into the system. You can set rules for leave policy of the company at office, designation or even the employee level. HR can define various rules for managing policies at all levels along with validations. On the basis of the rules defined for each employee, system will monitor attendance, leaves and generate reports For the purpose of payrolls and leaves or overtime adjustments.
Leave Application
Employee has a complete visibility into his leave entitlements and leave balance at the time of sending leave request. System also managed the concept of half day leave if an organization has permitted this policy.
Leave approval
Right from applying leaves to knowing the status of his approvals, the system provides transparency and self-service to each employee for checking his leave status and whether his leave has been approved or rejected with all the comments from his approver. Setting up approvers in the system is fully configurable.

Attendance Management
Adapt's LMS can be easily integrated to biometric system that is already there in your organization. You can sync data from biometric systems of various offices in different time zones. System allows you to manage different shifts, set minimum working hours, approval of outdoor visits or work from home. It can be easily integrated to your biometric software to gather the employee office timings from there. It also allows you to make optional web check-in and check-out simultaneously.


Systems Supported
Microsoft SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010, Office 365, SharePoint Foundation Server.


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