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Go-Global for Windows

Everything is possible with Go-Global

Go-Global Support

Centralized Helpline: +91 9311068698 , +91 124 4418600 Ext. 619, 624, 623
Support E-mail:,
Adapt India Support Center Business Hours on working days : 10 a.m – 5.30 p.m (Mon-Friday) IST

In case of support, customers shall contact ADAPT SOFTWARE INDIA PVT.LTD. for providing support and maintenance services in India during business hours . In some cases Adapt might engage its authorized service partner for providing services to our customers but Adapt would continue to be the window for all support related issues.
Standard support will include onsite visits / training / Telephone support / e-mail or Chat support depending upon nature of work or complaint and shall be guided in accordance with the level of support needed as per below explanation of all levels
i. First Level Support:  Initial data gathering and problem resolution, including, but not limited to, resolution of simple, repetitive problems. This is generally on Telephone or web.
ii. Second Level Support: Continued data gathering and resolution of issues not resolved through First Level Support, including, but not limited to, application troubleshooting and analysis. This may need on site visit.
iii. Third Level Support: (i) advanced troubleshooting of issues that have been determined through Second Level Support to be potential failures of the software; and (ii) advanced analysis of site environment-related problems. This support will be provided via email. Chat, telephone or through Remote Access tools in which case the customer would be required to provide access to their Go Global server.