13 Oct
Sumana Ghosh
Why Office 365 Out of the box Intranet is the next game changer for handling business process workflows and collaboration
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Well today everybody wants to get information from a single platform. If I take an example of mobile application these days, rather than installing numerous apps for different purpose you would want to have a single app which can accommodate all your services. So the question basically is why people want to have a single platform or an app, the main reason behind this is to save time, increase the productivity at work place and keep themselves occupied in other work as well. We all know this term
"Intranet Portal" and its know-how. Today we will unveil the specific features that will help you in increasing the work efficiency and productivity.

So WHY? We need an intranet portal at our work place and HOW? it’s going to help us in long run. Intranet is basically a gateway which unifies your organizational information and applications. It helps you in organizing all your company information more easily and giving it a personalized view. The main reason why the top IT firms are well sorted because their organizational structure is well managed, their employees are well organized. While here my intention is to give you the benefits and main features of an intranet portal and how it is going to help your company. The following are the basic six main features of a portal:

  • Improve employee engagement through collaboration
  • Available on cloud 24*7
  • Enhanced business processes using workflows
  • Better Document Management System
  • Stay updated with all the latest happenings
  • Less Time More Productivity


Until now we have understood that how an intranet portal is useful for an organization and how much it can help your organization in gaining productivity. Many organizations have come up with their readymade solutions for intranet portals on SAAS and other platforms. My journey started towards intranet portal when my organization felt the need for it and we all were told to do R&D on how we can create an intranet portal for our company. While looking out for several options I stumble upon Office 365 SharePoint Online.

Our organization offering Office 365 and SharePoint expertize from a quite a long time, provided me with a great option to create and configure an intranet portal. With the help of SharePoint and little R&D, I came across the powerful set of feature offered by SharePoint Out-of-the-Box webpart and sites. The most interesting fact is that it will take you very less time to configure a portal with the basic functionalities needed in most intranet portals. Some important features of SharePoint Out-of-the-Box Intranet Portal are:

  • No Customizations needed.
  • Easier to Setup
  • Configure project and Departmental sites
  • Zero Coding
  • Document Management System
  • Better Collaboration
Sumana Ghosh
Business Analyst
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