10 Oct
Soham Banerjee
Why Office 365 Surveys is the next game changer for feedback collection.
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Why Office 365 Surveys is the next game changer for feedback collection.

I don't mind saying this, but asking questions to improve a service or a product is something that revolves around every organization these days. How often, do we feel that the work we accomplish must undergo some critical appreciation. While most end up with finishing tasks, there are those who end up asking questions, which makes all the difference between being an employee and being a leader. So how does an employee become a leader? Today I would like to uncover that specific trait and the means to achieve one of the key aspects of leadership, asking feedback!
So, the thought here is as to why should anyone ask for a feedback. Why waste time framing a set of questions that don’t really matter to others. The reason why leaders of today are sitting on the throne room, is because they worked on themselves to become better, more confident and address what matters to the end customer based on the feedbacks shared by various service receivers across the globe. While my intention is to give you the knowhow and benefits of the tool to collect feedbacks, let us address the advantages of collecting feedbacks for any organization. Some of the benefits might be;
  • • Improve a service, product or process.
  • • Generate a new idea based on summarized opinions
  • • Address customer issues and needs.
  • • Enhance customer and employee outreach.
  • • Develop quick and seamless interaction within and outside the organization
  • • Collect feedbacks for market insights and opportunities.
Now that we see that indeed feedback collection must be vital for organizational growth in terms of customer service and employee engagement, our focus should now shift from where we can land ourselves with the perfect means to collect feedbacks. Before being introduced to Office 365, I was comfortable with third party survey tools to collect feedbacks from customers and employees in my organization. But soon with the upfront need to gather insights from the feedbacks and better survey tools like Google Forms, I quickly started to search for tools that shall allow me and my colleagues to gather feedbacks without the hassle of technicalities and complexity.
While the search was going on, our organization which offers SharePoint 2016 services in India expertise for more than a decade provided me one of the simplest means to collect user opinions. With the help of Microsoft SharePoint services and little research, I came across a powerful set of features offered by Office 365 SharePoint Survey. The most important thing for me was to setup a quick survey in minutes without any complexity and that is exactly what SharePoint apps Survey boasts about. Some of the key features that might interest anyone are:
  • • Easy setup, literally a cakewalk as you just type and define the questions in minutes.
  • • Save a survey as a template, reuse rather than recreate.
  • • Get notified instantly whenever a response is submitted.
  • • Target your audience, to setup specific surveys for specific groups
  • • Decide and design the sequence of questions based on user response.
  • • Setup easy visualizations based on your choice.
The excitement to quickly conduct polls and surveys within and outside the department of our organization ecosystem, led me to implement and host a survey for my department as shown in the below figure.
With an intuitive user interface and simple one clicks, the entire survey took only couple of minutes with all the said features. For anyone who would like to collect feedbacks quickly and with graphical summary on the desk, Office 365 SharePoint Survey makes sure that you transition from a random feedback advisor to a winning title of a survey king. Stay tuned for my further posts on as me and my team drill down to unlock the powers of user feedback collection with Office 365 SharePoint Survey.
Soham Banerjee
Project Management Trainee
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