27 Oct
Ashish Kamotra
Embracing Technology
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It is quite apparent for a business to foster a bond with their customers as they are the major stakeholders and their satisfaction is a priority to management. Customer satisfaction has been a subject of great interest to companies that focuses on quality. Quality Customer Service is directly proportionate to Increased Customer Satisfaction-Quality and Customer Satisfaction have long been recognized as playing a crucial role for success and survival in today`s competitive market. Therefore, anyone who understands business and determines to grow-understands the fact that companies who do not provide value to their customers bring an opportunity for their competitors to steal these customers.

Use of Technology for end to end Customer Satisfaction

Today companies have very smartly started using technology to stay close with their customers and understand mind sets. Most of the companies use “Gamification Model” by giving reward points at every purchase that a customer makes. This is a very smart use of technology that solves both the purposes-customer satisfaction and customer retention. Shoppers stop and Dominos are two of the best suited examples. Shoppers stop gives reward points and free credit cards to keep customers engaged. Dominos on the other hand constantly stays connected with customers by keeping them updated about the weekly offers. This effort brings customers again and again to the purchase point. Companies today feels obliged to render better quality services and seeks continuously improvement by applying appropriate service quality dimensions. One of the dimensions that companies follow is customer service ratings. These ratings are often the benchmark that companies use to gauge their performance. These efforts eventually expedites the process of customer satisfaction, thereby helps businesses to stay ahead in the technology race.

Embracing Technology to improve business process

Technology is apparently helping companies improve performance and reduce cost, which is creating significant opportunities for businesses. Take a throwback to visualize how business was done a few decades ago, without internet, emails, mobile marketing and smartphones. Now communications are instantaneous, huge amounts of information are transferred through emails and social media. New and advanced technologies are helping businesses improve their processes. Market is overloaded with software and applications like project management system, customer relationship management system, task management system, enterprise resource planning tools etc., with a wide range of productivity enhancing benefits like increased efficiency, cost reduction, accelerated speed, greater reach, improved market access and increased reliability.

Optimum utilization of technology for complete Employee Satisfaction

A well-informed business decisions needs managers to have a better understanding about what is actually taking place at the front line. Employees while constantly working on technology faces daily issues, so they provide invaluable feedback drawn upon first-hand experience. These daily issues like, hardware faults, software malfunctioning, cab related issues etc. are the biggest hindrances in smooth functioning. Employees have to run between different departments which leads to loss of working time. Internal Help Desk by Adapt Software is a great SharePoint application to cater this. Employees are able to register complaints in couple of steps and see as they move through the resolution stage. This Help Desk lets Top Management to track turn-around-time of each department.

Ashish Kamotra
Chief Executive Officer
Adapt Software India (P) Limited
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