21 Nov
Ashish Kamotra
Adapt ropes in SharePoint Audit
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With SharePoint becoming more and more popular, we have started seeing a significant rise in the need for getting Internal SharePoint installations audited. We come across many customers who did not pay attention to the finer details of SharePoint installation and custom development and as their site starts growing they sense the inherent risks and performance issues. I have seen this happening more significantly in companies where they have more than one vendor working on their SharePoint. Customers are probably not guided on their long term technical needs and the problems start appearing as the user adoption increases. Initially everything works well; but as we start exploiting SharePoint more and more, we start getting jitters. For such problems the first step is to have your SharePoint site audited from a specialist and then make a new roadmap for technical approach for going forward.

Adapt weaves around SharePoint audit in its service offerings. After deep analysis and proactive thinking we have tried to not only help our clients hasten their business process; but also to improve them on continuous basis post implementation. SharePoint audits are a great way to make your systems fast, secure, user friendly, and easy in collaboration with appreciably reduced downtime. This system generates a health and governance summary report, which is based on data from your SharePoint implementation(s). 

It’s a consolidated report that  covers at a high-level: 

Application Architecture:  Complete redesign.  
Database / Storage: Database remediation and additional storage resources required.   
Configuration: Configuration changes to manage growth required.          
Availability: Significant changes required to ensure system stability.       
Performance: Below average system performance. Client environment quick wins.         
Security : Password changes and permission audits required.     
Development: Adequate for small in-house development but will require SharePoint specific coding tools if complex in-house development occurs. 
Recovery and DR: Limited recovery model may impact on the recoverability of the system.          
Application and IT Management: Change Management, Incident Management are fit for purpose 
Governance: A broad range of changes required.             

The health assessment of your existing SharePoint implementation gives you a report that entails technical and non-technical considerations as recommended by Microsoft. We strongly recommend a 12-36 month SharePoint roadmap to be drafted. This roadmap must align with the Business and IT strategies of your firm. Our SharePoint Experts Review the Health Check Summary report, build strategy including detailed roadmap for SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2013 Migration via SharePoint 2010 and development as a part of the remediation plan. 

If you seek to know more about the SharePoint Audits you are welcome to contact us at sales@adapt-india.com and we will feel honored to assuage your quest immediately. 
Ashish Kamotra
Chief Executive Officer
Adapt Software India (P) Limited
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