26 Feb
Ashish Kamotra
Project Management System for SharePoint
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Be it a MSME or a behemoth Corporate House, from Commissioning to Completion of project, a Project Manager is responsible for executing all the strategies as planned out. Apart from making sure that the finished project is delivered to the client on time, the project manager also needs to efficiently manage various aspects of the project:    Money, Manpower and Resource Allocation. It is also imperative for him to coordinate well with the various departments that are operating within a single project.

For this, a Project Manager needs to churn out large amounts of information. He requires real time access to all the information to maintain a seamless communication with its project team. Adapt''s #ProjectManagementSystem (PMS), using the #MicrosoftSharePoint platform, can be of great help to him to conclude his tasks efficiently.

What exactly is a project management system? It is a software program that helps in smoothly carrying out various project-related tasks. They can be operated online and serve as a platform for holding meetings, sending emails & notifications and planning out the necessary course of action. There are certain key ways in which using a PMS for SharePoint can be advantageous over the conventional method of using Excel or PowerPoint to carry out these tasks. These include: 

  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Location wise Working Calendar
  • Project Role Permission Matrix
  • Milestones Tracking
  • Gantt Charts
  • Role based Permissions
  • Budgeting
  • Task Management
  • Invoicing
  • Resource Utilization Chart
  • Time Sheets
  • Reports
  • Approvals and Email Notifications

Various Middle Eastern countries: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Cyprus, have taken advantage in the recent years of the Adapt''s PMS for SharePoint for effective running of technical and non-technical projects. This has inoculated a fresh change in the business strategies and the way the corporate sectors are run in this part of the world. PMS, for SharePoint in Middle East, has also influenced the general economy in that geography; signs of which can also be seen in the proficiency with which they execute their projects now. Numerous national and multinational software development companies, such as www.adapt-india.com have played a major role in bringing out this paradigm shift in the way they run their Project Management.

Adapt''s PMS for SharePoint http://www.adapt-india.com/pms.pdf is a powerful SharePoint based Project Management app which is easy to learn, deploy and implement. Not only this, it embeds all the necessary features required to manage projects of various nature: EPC, Manufacturing & Service Industries and you can also accomplish Project Tracking, Task Management and Resource Tracking with one single app.

Ashish Kamotra
Chief Executive Officer
Adapt Software India (P) Limited
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