07 Feb
Ashish Kamotra
Recruit: Smartly. Certify: Instantly. & Assess: Accurately
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In our endeavor to promulgate better and efficient usage of Microsoft SharePoint; Adapt unveiled its Quiz Maker Plus which will serve three corporate needs with one app. We have leveraged SharePoint to facilitate our clients with Smart Recruitment, Instant Certification and Accurate Assessment. Quiz Maker Plus is a complete SharePoint based application with customizable features which can be easily supported over the cloud (Office 365).

It is built holistically and is webbed intelligently with the multimedia to smoothen the analytical process of the Quiz and the media inclusion for better presentation. Apart for selecting question attributes, adding questions, creating quizzes, & tracking results; being 100% web based, inclusion of group invitation module, reuse of quizzes, etc. it evolves as an irresistible option for any company that looks forward to perfect assessment of its candidates. To the three boons of Quiz Maker Plus are enumerated below.

Recruit Smartly: All what any business desires for today is, a perfect result without spending much fortune for any given process. Build on the same lines Quiz Maker plus presents you with an option which: Saves your crucial time. Generates transparent results. & Buys in appreciably less effort. Suppose, your organization needs to undergo bulk recruitment per month and the challenge is to recruit the best fitment with a specified budget and without spending much time. It''s an ideal situation where Quiz Maker Plus fits in appositely. It is studded with many features which will not only reduce your turnaround time; but will also help you accomplish the given task without pinching your pocket.

Certify Instantly: That’s a cliché; but invariably hold true: Time is money. Today most efficient processes and applications around the world are both simple and quick. Our readymade SharePoint App, Quiz Maker Plus, also stands tall meeting the above expectations of our clients perfectly. With this you can certify your people in double quick time and that too with pinpoint accuracy: Empower your organization by evaluating core skills of your employees with on time skill analysis & certification. Enable easy, remote access, to on-site applications to reduce your overall certification cycle. Respond quickly to test reports to guide your people well and set your business apart. Today, all firms need to maintain their competitive advantage by regularly assessing the know-how of their people. We give you the tool to certify their knowledge in real time with Quiz Maker Plus.

Assess Accurately: Perfection is the child of time, and rightly so, if something saves time and does not gives perfection; it is incomplete. Our app responds quickly to test reports to guide your people immaculately and set your business apart. With Quiz Maker Plus you can: Enable easy, remote access, to on-site applications to reduce your overall assessment cycle. Use people as your differential lead, by creating competent quizzes and analyzing them quickly with our app. & Share insights and work together around their performance to make faster, better-informed decisions.

Quiz Maker Plus promises and delivers it commitments perfectly. Click the link to read more on our Quiz Maker Plus: http://www.adapt-india.com/quizmaker.pdf  Should you have any queries, do touch base with us at sales@adapt-india.com and avail a *free trial for 30 days. Let us help begin your implementation plan to optimize your overall investment on IT infrastructure.

Ashish Kamotra
Chief Executive Officer
Adapt Software India (P) Limited
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