18 Dec
Ashish Kamotra
Welcome Note
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As I pen down my maiden blog to welcome you all on our blog site, it reminds me of E.M. Forster, who once said ''Only connect!'' All successful endeavors in this world get pegged out without this magical word, ''connect''.  We wish to extend our relationship with our shareholders and cement it by sharing our expertise in Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Go-Global through our blogs.

These blog would convey our vision and mission from time to time, and without your benign support all our aspirations would vanish into thin air, in no time. We sincerely look forward to your feedback and promise to put into stride most your suggestions for our betterment. Looking forward to your participation as a reflection of decades of your trust on our services.

As the world has started recognizing us a product company having world class SharePoint Products; we are proud to be called as a hybrid company having both services as well as products for SharePoint users worldwide. This transition from a purely services company to a hybrid company was not an easy task as it required different vision and mindset. With the grace of God, we are blessed with excellent teams who are  fully committed to their mission and  are yet vibrant enough that our transition journey appeared like a cake walk. Very soon our company will become one of the most valuable company for all those who have either implemented SharePoint or thinking of deploying it soon. ADAPT has finally found its Blue Ocean.

Our mission is to deliver higher and faster ROI on the existing SharePoint installations with the help of our readymade products for SharePoint. In the coming weeks, I''ll share more details about these products and our customer experiences. Stay tuned till then.
Ashish Kamotra
Chief Executive Officer
Adapt Software India (P) Limited
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