21 Nov
Ashish Kamotra
Adapt ropes in SharePoint Audit
10:29PM Friday | Comments (0)
  Adapt weaves around SharePoint audit in its service offerings. After deep analysis and proactive thinking we have tried to not only help our clients hasten their business process; but also to improve them on continuous basis post implementation.
26 Feb
Ashish Kamotra
Project Management System for SharePoint
2:36AM Wednesday | Comments (0)
  Be it a MSME or a behemoth Corporate House, from Commissioning to Completion of project, a Project Manager is responsible for executing all the strategies as planned out. Apart from making sure that the finished project is delivered to the client on time, the project manager also needs to efficiently manage various aspects of the project
07 Feb
Ashish Kamotra
Recruit: Smartly. Certify: Instantly. & Assess: Accurately
3:56AM Friday | Comments (0)
  In our endeavor to promulgate better and efficient usage of Microsoft SharePoint; Adapt unveiled its Quiz Maker Plus which will serve three corporate needs with one app. We have leveraged SharePoint to facilitate our clients with Smart Recruitment, Instant Certification and Accurate Assessment.

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