How SharePoint Website Design Application helps in customising the look of the website?
When we open any website that is built and developed for commercial use, an important aspect that is noticed is the presentation, look and feel and finally the ease of navigation throughout the site. These are some of the similar requirements that is catered to when a web designer develops a site for business purpose and internal use. In order to implement the features of SharePoint, it is of utmost importance to consult a web designer here.
While discussing about the aspects of business portal design using SharePoint such as branding, engineers, UX, artists, etc. it is important to converse about each aspect thoroughly. Responsive web design is one such aspect. Responsive web design allows to look at a website like a fluid grid that adapts itself comfortably to fit the data and information in any display resolution, be it in a phone, laptop, desktop monitor or a tablet. With every changing device the resolution changes.

  • 1200x1900 (Desktop for portrait orientation)
  • 768x1366 (Tablet for portrait orientation)
  • 480x800 (Smartphone for portrait orientation)

The elements in a website should be able to rearrange themselves to fit any resolution of the current device or if the browser window has been resized. This is possible through using Responsive SharePoint, another application in SharePoint website design tools.
Responsive SharePoint
Responsive SharePoint is a CodePlex project that helps a designer use responsive frameworks in a SharePoint website. When tested and used, the application reveals remarkable results. The SharePoint website automatically adopts to the different display resolutions.
Responsive SharePoint, a part of SharePoint website design application, uses queries in order to match the width of the display to be used in a particular device following which, it applies a set of styles to help present the content in the available and allotted space.
The latest version of SharePoint design application is available with features that makes it furthermore easy to create and edit the designs, including the responsive web designs in a website.

Other Customised Solutions
SharePoint, states like any other website and web based applications use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in order to apply graphics, color and to position the various objects in the pages within the website. In many cases, multiple style sheets are used. The master page, the page layouts and the other elements can be customised or modified according to requirements by directly using the CSS file that is attached to the page. These can be done using the editing tools that are provided by SharePoint Designer in its application.
Page Layouts are another set of important application that is available with SharePoint Designer. The page layouts are used as templates for publishing the pages in a website that are created by the users in an organisation. The availability of these template page layouts with the position of the title, the body text, the graphics pre-defined, makes it easier for the users to upload content and data and publish them without worrying about any design aspect. This makes SharePoint user friendly to be used across all domains.

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