How does a Microsoft SharePoint Web Design Application work?
The SharePoint Designer developed by Microsoft is a web based application design program that is used to build and later on customise the sites and applications that belong to SharePoint. With the SharePoint web design application, data and content rich pages, powerful workflow solutions, re-designing the look and feel of the site can be done. The sites that are created can be small project management sites to other requirement based sites such as dashboard driven portal solutions for many conglomerates and organisations.

SharePoint web design provides a unique site authoring experience by offering a place to create the site, customize the same according to the requirements, build the logic to define the business process and thus, offer a packaged solution. These tasks can be accomplished without authoring a single code.

Understanding SharePoint Web Design
Using SharePoint web design applications is highly dependent on the type of business, its size and its requirements. The range of requirements may vary from simple document management to creating a storage area of documents, managing task lists and schedules, workflows, etc. The designer working on building the web module needs to have an end-to-end clarity on the type and the requirements of the business. He/she also needs to understand the relationship between the moving parts of the site and the core logic of managing them.

SharePoint web design application by offers a single platform where the designer can work on creating the site as well as access the libraries and lists, data, workflow, pages, seek permission, etc. All the major ingredients for developing the site are available at single destination.

The designer can initiate the process by connecting the various data sources, provide the information to its users and get them verified from them using an Office Client application. Following this process, the site can be developed with customised workflows to cater to the business process in requirement and lastly, ramp up the process by customising the appearance and presentation of the site on the basis of their branding requirements.

The advantage of working with SharePoint is that within one single work environment, the designer can spend time of creating the design flow, build the website and customize solutions basis the business requirements. The website can be regularly updated when there are changes in the processes and workflows with the use of different tools and other methods.

Microsoft SharePoint Designer application can be accessed from Windows Start menu, if it has been installed in the computer system.

Since this is a core requirement for a particular set of users, Microsoft SharePoint Designer application may not be available to all in their computer systems. It can be restricted or disabled. However, by using the SharePoint Designer Settings, the settings can be changed and used accordingly. There is also a compatibility issue where the latest version can be used for that particular version of SharePoint only. It cannot used to open or customise or work on sites that are developed using the earlier versions.

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