What SharePoint 2013 has to offer to its clients?

What is SharePoint?
SharePoint is a web application interface that has been developed by the software company ruling almost every computer existing on earth, Microsoft. Developed and released more than a decade ago, SharePoint started its journey by associating itself with applications such as document and content management, intranet services and many others. With developments in coming years, there have been different versions of SharePoint prepared by the developers basis the requirements from the clients. Operating in a Microsoft Office like interface, it has extended its services to manage many other requirements such as extranets, enterprise search, websites and social networking, etc. to suit the requirements and demands of the clients. 

Significance of SharePoint

SharePoint is mainly used for the following:
a. Intranet Portal for corporates
b. Enterprise content and Document management for central storing options
c. Extranet sites to integrate third party businesses
d. Internet websites for publishing content online

Since the interface is similar to Microsoft Office 2007 as found by companies like adapt-india.com and further versions, it has been developed in a manner to make it more functional for the users.

Benefits of SharePoint 2013                                                                            
While different versions of SharePoint are launched every three years to keep its users updated with the technological advancement, a SharePoint developer 2013 needs to keep in mind the growing demands of its clients that they have in their businesses.
The features that a SharePoint developer in 2013 have developed and struck a chord with its customers have been listed below:

  1. SharePoint 2013 is ready to be used in cloud services where sharing and management of documents within a certain circle of people has become far easier. The documents can be accessed from various devices as the links are shared with the concerned people.

  2. Since the workflow in SharePoint 2013 is comparatively huge, it is integrated with a Workflow Manager to ease out the workflow.

  3. Licensing and activating genuine users is an important aspect while using software. The launch of SharePoint App Store is a remarkably new feature that has attracted attention of almost all users. Here, the users within the organisation are made to buy, get license and use the software available within SharePoint.

  4. Machine Translation Services is another feature that helps in translating content received in Bing.

  5. There has been significant transformation in the search services in SharePoint as well. However, since the task is mammoth, there are still avenues for improvement. The addition of Continuous Crawl to help content appear faster in search results have been appreciated by users.

  6. The licensing procedure for SharePoint 2013 has been simplified. FAST Search is now integrated into SharePoint 2013 at no additional costs or license. This was restricted in SharePoint 2010 version.

  7. SharePoint 2013 has come with improved performance where it streamlines the process of managing data from the bits that are stored on disk to the application presentation.

  8. With its cross browser functionality service, it has now been able to activate users who are loyal to other browsers as well and have made work easier to perform.

This makes SharePoint one of the user-friendly platforms to work with.

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