SharePoint partner in India

SharePoint platform provides all square office solutions which help in document management, content management, managing contacts and events, and monitoring different projects at different locations. Being a SharePoint partner in India, any software development company in this country can successfully provide solutions that can help the customers increasing their productivity. Such partnership reduces cost and promptly responds to business requirements. Both you and your customers can realize faster returns by deploying SharePoint 2010 and its extensible platform for internet, extranet, and intranet solutions. Partnership with Microsoft SharePoint provides great opportunity for independent software vendors as well as system integrators. Advent of SharePoint 2010 has created the opportunity of getting a growing base of potential clients for ISV solutions. Partner solutions extending the platform are in higher demand with the launch of SharePoint. As a system integrator, it is possible for one to earn more revenue by extending and upgrading present SharePoint\v deployments. Revenue generation can also be increased through business collaboration with new customers. There are many companies in India who are working with Share Point. If you want to know about their experience about using share point, you may visit the online review sites well. You will be delighted to know that today share point is being used by the lion’s share of the Fortune 500 companies. Between 2006 and 2011,Microsoft sold over 36.5 million user licenses. Naturally you can guess how much popular is the SharePoint partner in India.

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