Customizing SharePoint Platform for End Users
Developed by Microsoft in 2001, the platform has always been associated with Intranets, content management and document management. Today, the versions have much broader capabilities. It has now grown to become one of the most significant software in the creation of organizational intranets.

The popularity of the SharePoint platform grew from its immense capabilities and powers. It is a flexible, extensible and scalable platform. One part of this platform is pre-built, off the shelf application that enables quick deployment, collaboration and productivity. Another part is the platform itself on which the developers can build any web based functionality imaginable. This will be according to the business needs. The development services in the SharePoint platform are extremely crucial for tailoring the experience for the users. It also enables to build effective and custom applications for various enterprises.

Endless possibilities with Microsoft SharePoint
Many SharePoint Developers have compared the platform to a Swiss army knife capable of multiple functions. It is a multi-faceted platform and each enterprise can use it according to the business demands. The SharePoint platform can be used for intranet portals, business intelligence, document management, collaboration, social networking, websites, enterprise search and even extranets. The developers are adept to expedite the customization of the portal and thereby bring forth the intrinsic capabilities to its real use. Harnessing on the power of the platform, the enterprise can either integrate SharePoint, or build custom solutions, migrate to the platform or use it as a marketing tool.
Integrating SharePoint

It is important to identify the progressive role of the SharePoint platform that it plays in the organizational collaboration and productivity. For many Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has already integrated software packages that enable the seamless collation of the SharePoint abilities. The platform comes with its own development stack based on the updated web standards that facilitates seamless integration with the existing organizational software suites. The developers of this niche immensely facilitates through their cross product expertise. Therefore, they can integrate SharePoint with SAP, PeopleSoft, MS Dynamics, MS Office, Oracle, MS Exchange Servers, Commerce Servers, etc.

Migrating to SharePoint
The SharePoint Developers offer specialized migratory services from ASP.NET to other earlier versions of the platform to the newly developed, and customized version. The migration service may include migration of information to other external databases, and into SharePoint lists and Libraries.

Customized Development of SharePoint
The possibilities of tailoring the SharePoint platform are immense. It includes but is not limited to the tailoring of SharePoint Workloads/ Capabilties as follows:


  • Sites
  • Communities
  • Insights
  • Composites
  • Developing custom web parts
  • Applications
  • Content types
  • Extended search including simple and advanced
  • Content
  • Workflow with Visual Studio
  • Event Receivers
  • Delegate Controls
  • Features including Custom Actions, custom Ribbon Controls.
  • Timer Jobs
  • Http Modules
  • Reports
  • Utility apps using SharePoint object model
  • Web services

The platform by consists of host of web-based technologies that comes with a common technical background. The interface is similar Microsoft Office making it user friendly even for the non-technical users.

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