Let's understand the difference between Office 365, Office 2016 and Office Online

Office 2016:
It is like a disk to put it in your computer at home, but this is an era of downloads. However the principle still remains the same. One download per mac or pc. You get security updates but no new features or tools. So in 2016 suite you will have same features over the months and years.

Office 365:
O365 is a subscription service, built around how we use computer now. You can use office on multiple devices and get the latest updates.
This is how it works:
For low yearly and monthly cost, you get the latest version of office which is Office 2016 macs and pcs but you also get updates that includes small tweets to brand new features.

In last few months new additions are: New excel functions, new templates, new drawing tools and PowerPoint designer.

It works on mobile called as mobile first, cloud first world, i.e. you can start on your tablet, edit the document on your smart phone, finish upon your mac and pcs. It works that way because we can store files on clouds and access them anywhere. You get an extra terabyte of storage on OneDrive with your subscription. Well that's a lot of storage- it's about 300,000 of images or million documents plus you can store any type of file.
Mobile apps for your tablet and smart phone are free and you get robust feature with your subscription. You can buy a personal subscription or with an office home subscription- upto 5 people, get upto same benefits. Everyone gets the latest version of office, everyone can use multiple devices, everyone gets a terabyte of storage and everyone gets text support at no extra charge.

Office Online:
If you are looking for something free- here is Office Online.
Free versions of word, excel, powerpoint and one note that anyone can use. Just sign in on http://office.com to create, share and collaborate your documents. Office Online apps are light versions, you won't get those bells and whistles but they are up to date. A sharp clean look at office.com.

So here are so many version of office, which one will you choose?

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