How SharePoint 2013 has made the Business platform easier

What is SharePoint?
SharePoint is a widely used web application that has been developed by the multinational software giant, Microsoft. Developed and launched in the beginning of the new millennium, SharePoint has been known to be associated with applications such as intranet, content and document management. However, with time and development in the application further, SharePoint is capable of undertaking much more. At present, SharePoint is the leading software that is used for creation of organisational intranets, according to the statistics indicated by a recently conducted survey.

Using an interface that is similar to Microsoft Office, it is integrated very closely with the existing Office suite. The tools that are used in SharePoint are developed in a manner that a non-technical person would also find it easy to use. SharePoint is used for applications such as collaboration, enterprise search, intranets and extranets, document and file sharing management, websites and social networks and lastly, business intelligence. This web application also helps in integration of system, process as well as workflow automation capabilities.

Development of SharePoint for Business Platforms
While it has been undergoing several changes and developments, a SharePoint 2013 developer would want to look forward to developing an application that aids in solving business problems. The ultimate goal is to find solutions to the problems that have arisen in a particular business, since it is primarily used in a business platform.

Developed in a three-phase format, a SharePoint 2013 developer must focus on developing an interface by using the client software and web interface and also install apps and other solutions in the first and initial phase. This helps in developing the interface at a rapid pace. This phase is to be followed by developing more specialised tools and using scripting and markup for developing solutions that can be customised according to a client's requirements. In the third phase, the developer focuses mainly on WSP solution files and manage other coding solutions. These three phases are not mutually exclusive and can be utilised according to the requirement, best evaluated by the developer himself.

This entire development process depends on a developer's skillsets of developing the entire interface based on the knowledge of its several developmental requirements such as data modelling, security, source control and many others. A SharePoint developer must possess sound knowledge on such topics to make the task easier to accomplish.

The good thing about Microsoft is that it developed and released a significant version of SharePoint, a tradition of releasing the same in every three years. This trend is not seen in many of the other cloud computing developers across the globe. Saving and sharing documents is now being done through the latest "My Sites" that can be accessed via multiple devices and by sharing the links with the concerned colleagues. This will minimise the use of email to send documents and saving them in the hard drives for future use. The process is easier, states since it is part of the default location for saving documents from Office 2013.

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