Intranet for SharePoint & Office 365

SharePoint 2016 has brought is the excitement about the new changes and improvements it has brought for world's widely preferred Intranet for SharePoint/ Intranet for Office 365. Exciting features that were introduced were excellent cloud experience, easy-Mobile first, amazing hybrid search, robust document libraries and improved OneDrive experience.

However exciting SharePoint 2016 gets, our experience has given us an eye opener about the fact that no matter how improved SharePoint gets, but it often struggle at user adoption front. Companies and end users struggle to understand that first they need to learn how Intranet for SharePoint best fits in their way of working and how can they get the best out of it?

In a study found that only half (51%) of organizations have achieved adoption rates of 75% or more (users using SharePoint at least once per week). With this low usage, it is clear that SharePoint is not being used to its potential, as a result SharePoint holds bad reputation.

Now the question arises that-what can be done about ensuring the correct way of implementing Intranet for SharePoint?

No organization is same in terms of type of business, process followed, region, practices they follow etc. So how can you get these right and be on your way to Intranet excellence!

    1) Selecting a right service provider:
  • A right service provider should be an expert in his field. One who can understand your process and give you right suggestion. Adapt Software India has been providing companies with Intranet services to existing SharePoint users and make sure that whole organization stays on same page and thus get maximum ROI on the existing SharePoint investment.
    2) Studying Business Model to suggest best fit Intranet for SharePoint model:
  • At this stage, expert understands your business to find out what you actually need? The Intranet is very commonly commissioned by top management – CEOs, the IT top brass, and so on.
    The expert from Adapt Software India, would actually spend time with regular and end user to understand how they work, what they do and what they expect from Intranet for SharePoint?
    3) Focus on Functionality and Procedures:
  • Many organizations prefers beauty of the pages rather than functionality. They wish to have colorful pages, fancy quick links icons, placing their company branding and logo throughout intranet. At this point, Adapt Software India (Intranet for SharePoint expert) guides you is correct direction and spend a lot of time focusing on functionality. How well can the page be structured, how user get easy navigation route, how can whole process be easy?
    SharePoint is great because it lets you pretty much customize it any way you want, with no compromise on fancy stuff.
    4) Active Content Upload:
  • Many Intranet projects fail because the content is rarely refreshed and updated. It hardly get's attention of it's users unless made mandatory to use in organization. Companies must keep providing useful information, company guidelines, policies, announcements, conduct contests, polls etc. to keep it alive and active.
    5) Make Intranet for SharePoint more Social:
  • Intranet for SharePoint now integrates well with Yammer, Microsoft's Enterprise Social Network (ESN) which are very useful. They let users connect to each other and work in a natural and interactive manner.

    6)Mobile Friendly:
  • Companies have become dynamic, people keep travelling and work beyond 5 to 9 hours. Therefore, they need "Intranet for SharePoint" to run successfully on their mobile devices.
    7) Personalized user experience:
  • Intranet for SharePoint provides "work space" for every individual user which could be named as "My work space". Here you get your own document library, you can start your own site, write blogs and so much more.
    8) Training Sessions for Individuals and Departments:
  • This training should we such where individual is made to self-test the platform, be able to upload documents, connect with social media, connect with each other etc. This training should also involve "how departmental pages work?"
    9) Set Roles and Permissions in proper matter:
  • Roles and Permissions must be clearly described as per the hierarchy of the organization. There must be no confusion as it might lead to blunder.
    10) Intranet for SharePoint project must never stop:
  • The title must not be misleading because, the Intranet project can never reach perfection. You need to continuously update, change, improve, and advance SharePoint, ensuring it's always fresh and relevant. Appointing a SharePoint manager will help you better organize and update SharePoint.

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