Intranet Portal helps drive various aspects of business

Intranet Portal sets a new trend in business communication that affects the way we do business and communicate with colleagues and clients online. It certainly provides effective communication link to help get the job done on time and within budget. Implemented correctly, intranet platforms can significantly improve productivity, employee engagement, and communications within the business. If your employees have no idea of your mission statement or corporate vision, it's likely because this information is housed somewhere on a shared drive that is incredibly difficult to access. By utilizing an intranet portal, you can display this information more readily to help drive home the goals and challenges of your company.

Business Process: Intranet Portals incredibly reduces the complex and bloated internal day to day business elements like:

  • • Work Instruction
  • • Procedures
  • • Processes
  • • Workflow

These intranet portals keeps it easy and simple for end users and promote modern paperless working. These portals help streamline business processes and do away with countless forms that just not only slow down your operations, but leads to critical mistakes and issues.

Knowledge Management: Intranet Portals are very powerful tools that remove information gaps, redundant and outdated content and the resulting chaos between divisions in organizations. Various elements of Knowledge management through intranet portals are:

  • • Document and content management
  • • Search
  • • Taxonomy
  • • Tagging of content

Change Management: Change management is considered very important success factor for most technology-related projects and is absolutely essential for any initiative requiring new ways of working. In order to best utilize an intranet portal it is very critical for organization to make sure it fulfills basic requirements like having alert notifications, news update functionality, page updates etc.

New Ideas and Improvements: Do you often hear that there are problems with communication between peers, departments, lower and higher levels of management? Your intranet portal can utilize top-down, bottom-up, peer-to-peer communication. Intranet portals provide a platform for sharing ideas, discussions forums, online suggestions and new improvements, where employees can voice their input and solutions.

Data and Application:

  • 1) Application Directory
  • 2) Intranet Lists
  • 3) Front end access to corporate data

Collaboration: Communication and collaboration are two most important factors that drives any organization or individual. Intranet Portals are doing this greatly by bidding the whole organization together. Just like the way people love to socialize on facebook, twitter, linkedIn, similarly they enjoy this portal too. They can have staff directory, discussion forums, individual chats, team rooms, document sharing, picture library and content management.


  • 1) Process automation
  • 2) Telecommuting
  • 3) Webinar
  • 4) Less Printing
The benefits fetch from Intranet portals are obvious. When will you be making the transition?Check out our solutions today!  

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