Advantages of SharePoint Applications

All of us are aware of the term Globalisation and global standards. Both of these terms have been used to describe services of many of the organisations that have a global presence. While talking about the services and the level of standardisation that they maintain, they do not fail to tell us how technology has helped them to maintain such standards.

The role of technology has been remarkable for the growth of the multi-location organisations and the fact that they are running the same business and maintaining the same standards. When it comes to talking about the role of technology, Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most sought after and the most preferred interface to work on.

SharePoint involves in creating a web based platform and interface that includes features and applications that help the users to create customised features that address the business problems and issues.

Many SharePoint apps provide the much needed business solution to the users such as the template gallery. For example, as states that it helps to create pages and customise as per requirement, modification of pages by adding more features like images, text, tables and much more. It also helps to create different sites catering to the specific requirement that is kept separate from the master and the main website, collaborating and coordinating with the external parties and provide information loaded web pages for the purpose of data sharing.

Types of SharePoint Applications
Some of the SharePoint applications that have helped many business are listed below.

a. Project Management: Any project run by an organisation needs to be managed efficiently to give successful results. SharePoint provides solutions for project management where updated data can be shared, accessed, controlled and reused as per requirement.

b. Business Search Engine: When it is a multi-location business, the employees at all location need to access information and documents. Here, with the help of a dedicated search engine, employees can access data, participate in conversations, put announcements, etc.

c. Intranet/Extranet/Internet: SharePoint apps also help in creating intranet for internal employees, extranet for external third party clients and internet for hosting company information to be accessed by all. The internet portal needs a robust Content Management System (CMS) for uploading and management of data and information.

d. Document Management: One of the key features of SharePoint apps is document management where the documents in form of PDFs and Microsoft Word Documents along with other document forms of Microsoft Office are saved and stored in libraries that can be accessed by employees who are specific to the defined groups. Even items from Microsoft Outlook like calendar and email can be synchronised with the list and libraries.

Since it is a web based application, SharePoint also allows creation of online communities. These are basically groups of entities that were formed and managed by using the collaboration tools available in Microsoft SharePoint. These communities are managed centrally. They are used to cater to the social functions.
SharePoint applications are a great way to execute business functions in a more productive way.


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