Advantages to enjoy when you opt for apps for O365

It is always advantageous when you have a service package that helps in increased productivity and managing work more efficiently. With this vision in mind, software giant, Microsoft introduced Office 365 that offers apps and other services related to office work. These apps for O365 can be accessed on Windows and users can benefit from the other offerings as well.

The apps for O365 are the web versions of the already developed office tools, precisely, Microsoft Word, OneNote, Excel and PowerPoint. These web apps of office tools offers the advantage of viewing and accessing to format or edit on all kinds of mobile devices and by multiple users. The Office suite including the desktop applications, services and server applications are listed in Microsoft Office in an alphabetical order.

Features such as OneNote and SharePoint available in the apps for O365 have proved to be highly significant for the corporate and business entities. Experts suggest that OneNote is an extremely handy tool for taking notes owing to its advanced way of integrating the details with the other related programs. For many, SharePoint is a strong preference.

The advantage of using the apps for O365 is the availability of different kinds of plans to choose from. The flexible business plans are planned based on the size of the business entity, small, mid-sized or large. The plans also include the packages for hosted email or enterprise services. This helps in deciding which plan to go ahead with. The added benefit here also is that Microsoft does not demand the need to scan the user’s data or to offer any related information to any of the other parties. If required, the data is asked for from the users.

Few of the apps for O365 are available in both web versions and desktop applications. This offers the flexibility of working offline and collaborate when the documents are to be edited or formatted collectively. For instance, Microsoft Excel is an Office 365 app that most of the business entities swear by. The powerful tools, features and formulae make the app successful when it is used for keeping accounts or preparing budget sheets. Microsoft Excel is easily the most reliable app when it comes to making calculations using detailed formulae and the results are exhaustive.

The biggest advantage, however, is its offering of cloud storage or online storage services. The SkyDrive feature and Outlook from Microsoft offers users to store documents and access data without downloading them. Files and data can be accessed directly in the cloud storage and can be formatted as per requirement, irrespective of time or space. This helps the business or the other users to access the data on any mobile devices anytime.

Although known for its complexity and creating confusion when it comes to using the latest and the updated versions of the apps for O365, users across the globe, prefer using Office 365. It is mostly because of the familiarity with the products and services as well as the flexibility of making it available for multiple users within specific plans. This makes it highly cost-effective and easier to consume. 

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