Nintex for SharePoint- It's not about features, it's about value it provides.

Work in SharePoint from start to end via browser: This is about finding new ways to work in SharePoint from start to finish in your browser. Another thing that can be added is, whos allowed to do what, does not depend upon variety of software, rather it dependent on permissions. It's organized, it's managed.

Design Intuitively (fewer clicks): It's also designed to reduce the number of clicks to bare minimum. Nintex cares to let it's uses to do things quickly and easily.

Track, Report and Analyze: You can also manage te whole thing. You can track every workflow, report on things, analyze things.

Create and Reuse Actions: You definitely have reusability story that doesn't require code everywhere but if you want-you can.

Connect with systems, DB's, Web service, cloud services: There are plenty of things that Nintex has added to it's data systems, data bases, web services, cloud services etc.

Expose workflow form anywhere on any device: Let's not forget about forms, Nintex has best drag and drop to forms. Forms that know about SharePoint, know about External data, know about SharePoint specific things and when they are deployed, they can be deployed anywhere on any device. This is all good stuff. This is all good stuff. This is all high order value.

Nintex WorkFlow Values: Nintex workflows are about: Quick and Easy, about Pure SharePoint and about being connected to everything.

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