Advantages of Migrating to SharePoint 2013
Progress in any field is marked by the fact that either an existing environment is developed into a new one that satisfies the demands of the new generation or taking a path to migrate to the new set up. Migration would refer to leaving behind the existing set up and get accustomed to the new one with all its features. When this logic is applied in the case of software and its versions, there are instances where users either get their existing software versions upgraded to the newer one or migrate entirely to a different version, keeping in mind its usability quotient.
The case in point here is the migration to SharePoint 2013 from its earlier version, SharePoint 2010. When this process took place, there had been great amounts of discussions regarding the process and its practices. The major difference that was noticed was especially in the user experience.

Social Networking Experiences
There was a major focus put on creating an experience similar to social networking sites such as creating a Facebook like activities. This has more customer friendly features than the ones present in SharePoint 2010. The idea was to keep the users stay updated with constant updates delivered real time and will be present at their fingertips all the time.

When it comes to creating platforms to engage participants actively, the creators like should come up with ideas that are more unique and enhances the interest level amongst the participants. Using the community site template, the users can be engaged in further socialisation such as participating in active discussions. During this process, the participants can earn points, badges for every top contribution and get themselves in the leadership board. These social enhancements have been added in SharePoint 2013 to create a complete user friendly environment and engage more users.

New Features for Easy Publishing
Another feature that has been discussed widely is the inclusion of new features in the publishing site. This helped in creating designs and branding of the SharePoint websites with minimal knowledge of using SharePoint. Easy customisation tools has helped many users to use the new version, SharePoint 2013 for many purposes that are required for them.

Integration with other programs
It is not easy to work in an environment where the new product is made to function alone and is not completely integrated with the other existing products. In case of Microsoft, the major advantage has been that of integrating SharePoint with the other products of Microsoft. Take for example, SharePoint working well with the other programs of Microsoft. A special mention here would be that of Office 365. Here, the users can use, store and update documents, images or files safely as well as can be accesses by others and are compatible with other programs as well.

Compatibility with all types of Devices
There are many such other advantages such as SharePoint 2013's device friendliness where users can access and stay connected over multiple devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones equally that has been possible after the migration to SharePoint 2013.

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