Highlights of Microsoft SharePoint Services

SharePoint Services, created and offered by the multi-billion software giant, Microsoft is a technology that helps in managing documents through web-based applications. Known to be a collaborative mechanism, SharePoint has many other features that makes it much more convenient.

Microsoft SharePoint Services are more convenient and more economical to use in comparison to the other alternatives that are available. The basic features of SharePoint services include its association with applications such as intranet, document and content management and more recently, creation of organisational intranets. SharePoint’s web based application gives an extra punch to the usual document management that it is so quipped about by everyone. Read the following features to learn more.

SharePoint helps in distributing and managing email traffic if a user is using the Exchange Server to manage the business emails. SharePoint can be made into a single point that receives all the emails and then distributes them to respective folders or groups. This eases out the process for a user to a large extent.

One of the major advantages of Microsoft SharePoint services is its essentially collaborative solution toolkit. This collaborative utility is highly scalable and can be used by the users across the organisation when deployed across multiple servers. This also enables storage of massive amount of data. SharePoint services are fully integrated with FrontPage 2003 so that all the tools required in designing SharePoint’s websites are readily available. The web parts or the codes can be re-used in SharePoint’s sites in order to collect data from all types of sources.

InfoPath2003 is a desktop application technology developed by Microsoft for management of integrated forms and data support. This is a powerful and underrated technology and both its XML backbone and friendliness with forms mix well with SharePoint. The forms from InfoPath can directly be published to a SharePoint library.

Metadata is an important aspect of SharePoint and is used to create customised search arguments that helps in organising information dynamically. It also helps in retrieving data from other document library by using search criteria.

The primary features of SharePoint include setting up distribution points for data that is received from various points. However, the role of SharePoint has further more offerings. Depending on the content and the roles that the sites play, the data can be actually distributed from server to the other with the help of SharePoint’s site moving utilities.

Using the feature of Task Pane that is included among the many features of the Word Libraries, the task of collaboration becomes much simpler. With this option, we can track the status and version of the documents, define and track the persons who are given the access, allow task monitoring and create alerts for the users.

Data from other web based applications can also be used in SharePoint as it has the capability to create views from other web sources as well.

SharePoint also supports exporting data to Excel and makes the process of graphing and printing easy. The collaborating sites and the collections from them can be backed up by using a single operation.

This is the reason that companies like Adapt-india.com promotes the use of SharePoint platform.


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