What makes Intranet Portal a most accepted "Collaboration" tool by companies?

Intranet portals today are so insightful that they give you more than just collaboration features. They provide utility and usability features too. Modern intranet portals does not restrict themselves to typical features, but takes a step forward to provide you mobility feature. This feature makes it easier for every employee whether at office, travelling or at home to stay on same page with other counterparts. Leading organizations are now focusing on collaboration to align employee's efforts, maximise revenue, cut costs and become market leaders. There are various aspects attached to Intranet Portal that have been discovered over a research of 12 years:

    1. 1) Intranet Portal aligns collaboration to business objectives
    2. 2) They are designed to overcome engagement barriers
    3. 3) Intranet Portals are very helpful to create a culture where collaboration can thrive
    4. 4) They provide right blend of tools for every user as per the needs
    5. 5) Provides Centralized, Accessible Knowledge
    6. 6) Break Down Silos and Boundaries
    7. 7) On-the-go-access: Mobility
    8. 8) Increased speed and scale of employee productivity

When you think of Intranet Portal, you definitely think about "Collaboration". Intranet Portals still holds it's essence of team collaboration as it was invented for. Few companies have not yet realized the importance of collaboration through Intranet Portal. Why these companies don't see the worth? Do they find these intranet portals expensive or they don't have clarity on the best possible results they can fetch from them? Reasons could be numerous, but the solution is one-right education/myth busting session.

Collaboration via company intranet solution is optimized by the creation of social elements and shared workspaces. Collaboration can take place between departments, individuals, with offices located in the other parts of the world, and even with remote workers. This enhances free flow of information within different department in a smoother way than ever before, which may have once rarely interacted to better communicate and work on projects together.

Having a good Intranet Portal in place will always help you reap as high as twice the value you achieve currently via customer engagement across social technologies by tapping into social collaboration right within your own organization. It will enable your employees to share and co-create best practices. Therefore, having an intranet is must, especially if you already own
Microsoft Office 365 subscription. Adapt Software India brings you a beautifully designed, readymade Intranet for SharePoint also known as Titan that is a complete out-of-the-box solution, installed within a day without customizations. By this you can get the maximum return on your current investment, right away. If any customization required by client, can easily be catered by Adapt Software India.

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