How has development of SharePoint helped Business Industry?
One of the most intrigued features of Microsoft SharePoint development is that of its capability to provide advanced integration systems or processes. With Microsoft SharePoint, a user can publish business documents, implement workflows and task lists considering the specific groups of employees and many other such tasks can be done. If the developers are of expert quality and have impeccable technical knowledge, they can be used to build platforms to improve information accessibility, create an extension of exchange server, create a much more user-friendly interface for the employees to work on and lastly, create a consolidated and collaborative operational platform.
SharePoint is strictly made to be used by organisational staff only. This platform has a more business value due to various features and applications.

When it comes to development of SharePoint, there are many factors that has been kept in mind, such as:
a. It is a dynamic platform that enables and supports customisation
b. It has the feature of interactivity and thus, has a great social networking connect
c. The mother site and the members of it can be controlled by the owners of the organisation
d. It is a great place to store, share and manage documents
e. Exchange of ideas and sharing data is much easier

For any existing business, states that SharePoint has been an absolute boon because of the out-of-the-box tools and features that are provided. During development of SharePoint for any particular organisation, the overview of the company and its requirements should be kept in mind so that SharePoint website can be customised accordingly.

The following features of SharePoint has taken the business industry by storm as it has helped in enhanced business and increased productivity.

1. Project Management: Managing a project has never been so easy for anyone since the advent of Microsoft SharePoint. Any project, be it a marketing or an accounting related, the internal teams located at different places can access and synchronise details with each other through MS Project Pro or get it integrated it with the Project Server. Here, employees can control, manage and reuse business details as and when required.

2. Business Search Engine: An important feature of SharePoint is its capability to store and manage documents. Multi-location businesses find it difficult to access documents that are stored in the local server and hence, there takes place a delay in delivery of work. With the Business Search Engine function, employees can access documents stored in document libraries and work on them as well as participate in conversations and announcements.

3. Inter/Intra/Extranet: Microsoft  Development SharePoint provides tools and features to design, manage and control the settings of an Intranet website that holds organisational policy information, vision statements, organisational updates and other information. It is also a great platform for employees to connect with each other. An extranet website can also be managed for external clients like suppliers or facilitators to access information and share data as per requirement. With its robust content management system, a custom friendly website can also be built with Microsoft SharePoint.

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