Custom SharePoint Solutions to ensure enhanced business value
A SharePoint website is referred to one that can be accessed through the web browser and the one that provides a space for collaborating and managing documents, information and ideas. The website can be accesses by all groups of people such as in schools, business organisations and others.

Each business or service provider is different from each other and has different functionalities to perform. When it comes to a school that has different branches all across the city or the country, there would be some kind of standardisation that is followed like in terms of uniforms, days of leave, special occasions, etc. However, depending on the city or related other factors, a particular school unit may have several rules that may not be related to the other unit. Take for instance, a school located in a particular state that celebrates its annual State Formation Day will witness a compulsory holiday in comparison to the others. In such cases, the SharePoint website needs to be customised according to locations and requirements. SharePoint also provides platforms to run intranets and here is where, the customisation can be done.

Several templates are available in Visual Studio for creating sites and pages for SharePoint along with its elements states

A part of the above mentioned SharePoint project is the nodes that are referred to as SharePoint items. These items are found in types of files or sub files that are known as SharePoint items files like XML configuration files, .aspx forms and many more types. When it comes to customisation of projects for any organisation, the user can choose not to use the already available templates but create and customise according to requirements. Here, the project items can be included manually. We are referring to the Empty Project templates here.

In every SharePoint project, there are two nodes that cannot be cut or copied, deleted or dragged or even renamed from the existing project. These are Features and Package nodes. Both of these nodes appear in each and every SharePoint project even if there are no features or packages defined for that particular project.

While it is true that Microsoft SharePoint is a great platform to work on, it is not a one stop solution for all kinds of businesses. As discussed earlier, the requirements and the process of working differ from organisation to organisation. Due to its comprehensive and powerful tools and sets of web based solutions, organisations are highly depending on using this platform and look forward to customise the setting to make the interface an online platform that reflects the offline values and requirements. With customisation, the SharePoint application can be made more efficient to manage content solutions, web portal and its collaborations, SharePoint Reports and BI integration, and creation of workflow and InfoPath forms for BPA (Business Process Automation).

Custom SharePoint solutions aid in making the platform further efficient. It ensure faster delivery of information and management of information through document sharing, increase in the value of business by higher quality products.

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