Enterprise Intranets – Typical Needs

  • Business needs across various departments for
  • Collaboration, content authoring.
  • Document Management, forms creation & workflow based approval.
  • Shared calendars, Inter-department events.
  • Integration with existing systems.
Organizational Challenges – Most common pain areas
  • No way to collaborate across departments (lack of collaboration workspace hinders stakeholder participation).
  • Poorly implemented forms based applications implemented across departments, in disparate technologies.
  • Silos of unstructured content & data stored on local machines/destinations without linkages that needs to be integrated & assimilated on one platform.
  • Large number of offline process, documents & data that can be digitized & leveraged through a common platform to save costs & time while driving efficiency & productivity
Why Is SharePoint A Good Fit For Intranets? The technology platform should be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Business Needs Across Various Departments For
    • Collaboration, Content authoring
    • Document Management, Forms creation & Workflow based approval
    • Shared calendars, Inter-department events
    • Integration with existing systems
  • Long term fit
    • Microsoft has identified SharePoint as its hottest technology based on customer adoption & continues to invest in improving SharePoint with best-of-breed features Integration with existing systems.
  • Time to Market
    • The platform supports extensive configurable modules out-of-the box facilitating end user needs easily, cost effectively and within reasonable amount of time.
  • Technical Fit
    • Scalability, Flexibility & extensibility
    • Thin client based solution
    • Microsoft’s support for SharePoint and the large user base allows for long term
    • Sustainability of the technology.
    • SharePoint's open architecture and interoperability with other isolated and legacy and systems allows for easy integration and enhancements.

Microsoft SharePoint will be an ideal t for most enterprise intranets because:

  • Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most preferred intranet systems used by organizations the world over.
  • It has advanced collaboration and ECM features that organizations can benefit from right out of the box!
  • Provides a significant head-start and savings over initiatives and technology platforms where effort has to start from scratch
  • Highly scalable solution that can be customized easily
  • Effectively manages and repurpose content to gain increased business value
  • Out-of-box feature of initiating, tracking and reporting common business activities provides an extra benefit to the users
  • It’s MICROSOFT – the anytime and every time support framework is well defined
  • SharePoint is the fastest-growing product in the history of Microsoft