Office 365 for your business: Access your work anywhere

For businesses around the world, technology has played an indispensable role. In the recent years, with the aid of technology, businesses have been able to collate their business processes round the clock and even being placed geographically apart. The biggest contributors in this feat have been the integration of smart gadgets that people could use in their business and the various applications that would operate irrespective of the device. The first was the desktop, then came laptop and slowly mobile phones and tablets that completely changed the way business operates. After the gadgets, came applications that were designed to help businesses perform to their optimal level. To cite an instance, Apps for O365 were mainly designed for SME business industry. With the objective to achieve their goals and ensure no formation of any information silos, these apps steadily solved resources. These applications are helpful for they fulfilled the need of saving and storing important data and information enabling them to share only with users without being scared of any data leakage. These applications are designed to keep all information handy along with the stored data and information related to the business which anyone might find it useful. The Office software is designed to ensure that all functions carried out would always be in the disposable of the users. Even when the business is growing it is important that users are free to move about across verticals without comprising on communication and data sharing related to the business.

Things we can expect from Microsoft Office 365

Independent entrepreneurs and small businesses often have to customize their solutions mainly because of the cost structure involved. However, despite this shortcoming, they strive to stay close to their customers by focusing on their business deliverables and being more agile than competitors do. The Apps for O365 helps in achieving all these benefits with low upfront costs, rich features and familiar Microsoft Office experience. Below are some reasons to choose Office 365 over other applications in a business:

Office 365 is secure and private

The platform on which you can develop Apps for O365 is built from ground up with security and privacy in their mind. There is no advertising involved and there is no risk in your information getting scanned or leaked.

Available whenever needed

With this platform, there is no need to be online always with the help of Internet services for whether you are online or offline, or whether you are using PC or tablet, the work can be done and completed any time and from any location.

Effective and efficient platform

The Apps for O365 are able to work together that ensures a seamless experience is delivered wherever and whenever needed. The users can communicate with the help of instant messaging, video conferring, real time presence and even desktop sharing. This can be accessible right from the applications.

Productive tool

If the user can work with Microsoft Office, you can work with Office 365. Easy to use with a simple interface, the application provides with all features that would be expected.

Professional platform

With Apps for O365, one would automatically get the benefits of cloud computing while using the same productivity tools as that of customers and partners. The documents are kept safe from data leakage across all devices.

Simple to set up and use

Designed for professionals and small businesses to get started right away, these businesses can work on the platform even if they do not have IT staff or an infrastructure in place. Even if the business scales, setting up new user profiles and giving them access would be an easy process.

A flexible solution

The Microsoft Office 365 allows you to choose cloud based solution, an on-premise solution or even a hybrid of the two depending on your specific operational and security requirements. One of the largest customer based ecosystems worldwide, the application is designed to aid in you in any way that you require.

Financially backed platform

Office 365 comes with more than 99.9% service level agreement and gives customers with the necessary financial credit if the SLA is not met for some reason. With Microsoft having a record of enterprise class availability, the end users can count on the service providers when anything unexpected happens.

All the Apps for O365 includes plans that let you access the moderated community forums where you can find answers to any question that you might need. There is also helpline provided to get in touch with customer care as and when needed.

Office 365 for businesses

Technology has advanced so much that without it we tend to become handicapped. In businesses, therefore technology should be omnipresent which would mean that whenever called up for cross country meeting or a sales prospect requires particular product, it should aid in the entire process being seamless. Today with the amount of work and data generated, cloud services has become a basic need for a business and Office 365 is considered to be one of the best in the cloud service providers. Providing a host of benefits, the Apps for O365 ensures that your business is able to survive in this competitive market. Given below are some of the most common reasons as to why it is preferred over others:

Accessible from anywhere

With Apps for O365, you can be rest assured that you can access the platform from anywhere and from any device. With BYOD trends rapidly capturing various businesses, you can simply access all emails, contacts, and data on this platform from anywhere.

Easily scalable

This means that the platform can take on new users and also remove them as and when needed. All that one needs to do is to get online in the platform and access it.

Easy collaborative tools

One of the Apps for O365 called Lync Online brings together all kinds of collaboration tools for example video conferencing, screen sharing and presence awareness to business. This feature is an extremely valuable one to small businesses as they can coordinate with large sized businesses that have been using such communication tools for years.

Provides security

Office 365 is one of the most secured platforms which means that the data is always protected. It already includes a virus filtering protection that is designed to address threats as and when they come. Furthermore, the Apps for O365 are designed to continuously back up data and have a built in disaster management application making it a suitable platform for enterprise.

Reducing costs of IT infrastructure

The Apps for O365 helps in reducing the costs involved in IT infrastructure as all the communication, collaboration and productivity tools are available in one place. You will need to pay for the Office 365 services, as all other features are included within it and you do not need to bear any extra cost.

Office 365 for education

Once information and technology was adopted by the education system, the way knowledge was imparted went for an overhaul. From the concrete walls and chalk boards, education has now moved into laptops and internet. Infact, technology has helped in democratizing education now making it accessible to one and all, but not ruining its quality. Comprehending the inclination of students, teachers, scholars and educationists towards technology, and getting it approved from government institutions, IT giants have infact paved their way into the system that was prevailing in schools and colleges. In the wide array of services in education and technology, Office 365 from Microsoft is one of the important milestones.

Currently, the Apps for O365 on the Office 365 Plan for education is available with the help of Microsoft Network Partners. Those who are interested to integrate the system, needs to contact reliable vendors to avail its services that would also include apps like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and more. These can also be collaborated under various tools like Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online, business-class email, document sharing, and web meetings.

The schools and colleges can use them to conduct online classes over video conferencing. Furthermore, the students and teachers are well connected through social media especially Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even intra-network powered by SharePoint Online Document Storage.  This Online Document Storage allows the users to easily store documents in the cloud and share the same with others, even with outsiders. What’s interesting to note is that apps for O365 comes with 99.9% uptime SLA, continuous data backups, global redundant data centers, robust disaster recovery capabilities and no scanning for email, files or advertising.

Besides all these advantages, the Office 365 platform gives flexibility to institutions and students both. Furthermore, with a unified admin experience across devices and browsers, it helps the users to free resources linked with the deployment, management and maintenance of any on-premises servers and divert their usage towards objectives of the institution. Scalability and data security of Office 365 gives them an added advantage over others as they can cope up easily with the growing number of students every year. This would mean that no hefty investments involved anymore.

All these facilities does make the platform an adept solution but the subscribers of Apps for O365 can easily upgrade and downgrade their plans based upon their needs. Microsoft and its corresponding partners also provide support. The support modules include a support for video chat, which is support offered by a virtual agent located in the Office 365 admin center. You can also raise your concern with the help of mail or web support, where a ticket would be raised and a knowledgeable support agent would help or guide you. Most of the time experts are needed to help with deployment and migration, configuring all the services to meet the demands, managing multiple platforms like Lync Online training along with training the staff about Office 375.

With its Office 365 service, Microsoft made a big leap addressing all the increased demand for enterprise level online productivity services that was growing to become a necessity for enterprises with offices in different geographical locations. Office was already an established brand among enterprise users and progressive rate of cloud adoption, Microsoft tapped in the potential to come up with its Office 365 offering.

The apps for O365 is a suite of cloud based business productivity services that integrates the online application and offers web apps including SharePoint online, Lync and Exchange Online. The subscription based package allows the service to be integrated with cloud and enables the users to access the apps through productivity apps anywhere in the world and across wide range of devices. The guaranteed uptime for Office 365 is 99.9% which means Microsoft offers flexible packages to accommodate the different budgets and needs of the business, from startups to large Fortune 500 companies.

The apps for O365 comes with a feature rich solution such as Office 2010 is delivered on a cloud service and can take care of a great deal of business deliverables, thereby increasing productivity and decreasing costs at the same time. These companies can save in server and software deployment while using all the features included in the app. Furthermore, additional benefit is derived especially because all updates and security fixes are done by Microsoft themselves. This ensures that users are working only on the latest version of the application and there is no security issue as such.

The apps for O365 are compatible with Google Apps which ensures that it can be used by SME also. The biggest advantage of this platform is that most of the time, by the time it is going to be deployed, most users are already introduced to Microsoft’s suite of web based services.

Currently, the application comes in two versions. The first one is Office 365 for small businesses that are customized to be used by 25 employees. There is then the enterprise model that can be customized according to the needs of the company and it includes Office Professional Plus, voicemail, instant messaging, internal social network and a single sign on to access all the services.

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