Title: Vacation policy management system in UAE
An overview of vacation policy
A vacation policy deals with an employee’s eligibility to take leaves or vacations and falls under the scope of employee benefits. Every private firm should have a vacation policy in place which clearly describes various aspects relating to vacation time and payments. Based on such a policy, an individual working for a company can understand how much leave he or she is entitled to take. In fact, a government may act in favor of the employees in case there is a breach in the vacation policy contract.

What is a vacation policy management system?
A vacation policy management system is a type of software that allows a firm to systematically regulate the vacations or leaves taken by the employees. A company may have hundreds of employees and it can be a daunting task to remember who is on vacation and who is not and when are they coming back. Mismanagement in this regard may also lead to discrepancies of payments; it may also hamper the overall progress of work. It is thus necessary to maintain a detailed record of the leaves, absences, vacations and time offs taken by the employees and a vacation policy management system allows the management to do just that. Using a vacation policy management software helps to maintain the vacation schedule for all the employees for the whole calendar year.

Online vacation policy management systems also allow staff members to fill in vacation requests using the software’s communicative tools. Once these online leave applications have been filled, the management can consider and choose to refuse or accept the same as well as provide a reason for their decision. This online management of vacation policies will eliminate the need of tedious paperwork and save on excess usage of manpower, which can cut down on the company’s expenditure. Besides that, softwares like these can help to store vacation-related data for future reference. This will help you to ensure employee satisfaction by allowing them leaves to rejuvenate themselves as well as make sure that your company’s overall productivity is not compromised.

Implementation of vacation policy management system in UAE
Various multinational firms based in UAE are nowadays choosing to implement vacation policy management systems for regulating their employees’ vacations and leaves. It has also reduced the burden of unnecessary paperwork and filing, which is nowadays done online. Softwares like these have also minimized payment-related confusions greatly as the employees know in advance how much leaves they have taken and what payment they are entitled to at the end of the month. 
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